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Use this site to explore, learn, discuss, and share information about Florida's most important and fragile natural resource - groundwater! Once you've spent some time on our website, take our survey about karst groundwater and pledge to protect and conserve this valuable resource.

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What is karst?

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Water Quantity

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Water Quality

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  • To take the pledge:

    1. Beginning with "Conserve", click on the titles above to read different changes you can make to protect your water resources.
    2. Think to yourself and discuss with your family actions you are willing to take. Share with them what you learned about karst landscapes and groundwater.
    3. Check the boxes next to the changes you pledge to make.
    4. Enter your information and click the submit button.
    5. Print and hang the pledge in a location that your family will see every day. Even better, share it with fellow members of the community on the website, Twitter, or Facebook!
  • Make Groundwater Conservation a Habit.

    • Use water-efficient faucets, showerheads and toilets.
    • Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth.
    • Use water-efficient or Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ techniques.
    • Install water-efficient sprinklers and a rain sensor to override the sprinkler system when it rains.
    • Fix leaks.
    • Turn off my irrigation system and water only when needed.
  • Keep runoff water clean to protect our karst groundwater.

    • Never dump trash/toxic materials into caves, sinkholes, or springs.
    • Never dump toxic materials such as motor oil down drains or on the ground.
    • Check car for fluid leaks and maintain it with regular tune-ups.
    • Pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash or toilet.
    • Don't fertilize before a heavy rain.
    • Sweep up any spilled fertilizer and place it back in the fertilizer bag.
    • Use only slow-release fertilizer.
    • Always follow fertilizer package directions.
    • Use environmentally-friendly cleaners when washing cars or other outdoor equipment.
  • Maintain septic systems to keep karst groundwater healthy.

    • Watch closely for signs of septic tank failure.
    • Have septic systems inspected every 2 to 3 years and pumped when needed.
  • Keep karst features clean to protect our karst groundwater and the health of specialized cave life.

    • Never pollute a spring with oil, antifreeze, or other chemicals.
    • Never enter a cave without proper permission.
    • Never remove a cave formation (eg. a stalagmite).
    • Never leave trash or graffiti in a cave.
    • Always keep sinkholes clear of debris and trash.
  • Set an example for healthy living in a karst landscape.

    • Volunteer for a cave, sinkhole, or spring cleanup.
    • Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to visit this website and learn about karst.
    • Encourage friends, family and neighbors to take the Under Your Feet: Karst Groundwater pledge.
    • Educate others about the importance and sensitivity of karst landscapes.
    • Volunteer for a local environmental club.
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By participating in the survey, you can enter for a series of drawings for cash prizes and gift cards. The survey is anonymous, so your answers will not be tied to the contact information you provide for these drawings.

Please complete this voluntary survey as accurately and honestly as possible, without the assistance of outside resources, fellow participants, or referring back to this website. If you don't know the answer to a question, please leave it blank. Thank you for your participation.